Documentary 2022 // 19 min. // 4:3​​​​​​​

At the Senior Class of the New Middleschool Waidhofen, currently the topic of "democracy" has been dealt with. Although the pupils have been divided into two groups due to the Corona pandemic, they should learn how to make decisions collectively as part of a class council. At the same time in a different location, covered chandeliers and offices wrapped in tarpaulins hint at the state of an abandoned pomp building. While empty meeting rooms and old lecterns are being renovated in the Austrian parliament building, the pupils find themselves in the new roles of their everyday school-life.
What processes and conflicts are the young people confronted with, at a time when life as a class community is being put to the test? 

Director Katharina Rabl 
Camera Caroline Spreitzenbart
Sound David Almeida Ribeiro
Editing Maria Lisa Pichler
Sounddesign Cornelia Böhm
Producer Fanny Rösch

Production Company taro films (Katharina Rabl & Rebecca Zehr)
In Co-Production with University for Television & Film Munich 
Germany 2022